Pre-publication data release of high quality shotgun sequencing data from 216 ancient individuals
Median coverage: 4.9x
High coverage genomes (17-36x): 50

While the data for 212 of these 216 individuals are not previously published, the shotgun sequencing was in every case performed on ancient DNA data libraries for which there has been previously published in-solution enrichment data on 1.24 million SNPs. Many of these libraries were generated as collaboration with other ancient DNA laboratories including Ron Pinhasi (University of Vienna, Austria), Wolfgang Haak and Johannes Krause (Max Planck Institute, Germany), Lars Fehren-Schmitz (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA), and Bastien Llamas (University of Adelaide, Australia).

We are releasing the raw data including the bams as a resource to the community. However, please observe the Fort Lauderdale principles (here), which entitle the data producers to make the first presentation and publish the first genome-wide analysis of the data. The data can be used freely for studies of individual genes or other individual features of the genome, prior to any publication of a manuscript which we hope to have ready within the next year. If you plan to use some of these data in a publication, please cite the paper(s) in which the sequenced libraries were originally published (as specified in the metadata (here), along with this website as a reference for the shotgun sequence data (

Please write to Swapan 'Shop' Mallick and David Reich with any suggestions for improvements. This is only a first release. In future releases, we plan to release more data, and also to integrate published data from other ancient DNA groups.

We thank the Paul G. Allen Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation for the funds to generate this unique resource.

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Data pointers:

Complete bams may be downloaded via globus. Instructions on the download process are here. To request access credentials, please email Michelle Lee, Adam Micco, Swapan 'Shop' Mallick, David Reich.
Metadata for the 216 genomes are available here.